March 19, 2024

RightData Bolsters Its Leadership Team, Poises for Rapid Growth

RightData Bolsters Its Leadership Team, Poises for Rapid Growth

ATLANTA, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- RightData, the Data Products Company and leading provider of data product software solutions for modern data integration and trusted data quality, today announced several promotions and new appointments to the leadership team.

"The talent and level of strategic thinking we have at RightData is some of the strongest and most impressive I've seen in my entire career," said Vasu Sattenapalli, Co-Founder and CEO at RightData. "RightData is poised to deliver incredibly innovative data product software solutions and this will be the team to service our customers and the industry in the most thoughtful and comprehensive way possible. Congratulations to the leadership team and let's keep up this great work together!"

Sridhar Bankuru has been appointed as the new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). Previously serving as Vice President of Product Development and Customer Success, he has extensive experience in handling complex challenges and strategic issues within the data industry. In his new role, Sridhar will focus on improving operational frameworks in collaboration with vertical leads, with the goal of boosting efficiency and standardization throughout the company.

Siva Kolisetti has been appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Head Customer Success Engineering. He will lead and optimize global technology operations, ensuring excellence across teams in both India and the United States. His strategic collaboration with Sales leaders, Chief Architect and Head of Product, he drives business development initiatives, leveraging technology for customer expansion and satisfaction. Siva fosters a culture of innovation, problem-solving, and customer-centric product development while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. By spearheading customer success engineering, focusing on customer needs, facilitating seamless onboarding, he enhances value to customers, enabling sustained growth and prominence in the market. With a thought partnership mindset, Siva positions RightData as a strategic partner in customers' data innovation journeys.

Harish Raju has been appointed Head of Products. Formerly Director of Research and Innovation, Harish will now oversee product development process from start to finish. He will define product strategy, guide and oversee product teams, and ensure products meet customer needs while driving business growth. Harish will excel in his role of taking products from ideation to execution, fostering collaboration among various departments to bring products to market.

Suresh Saguturu has been named Data Management Services Head. Formerly Vice President of Product Development and Customer Success, Suresh will now be responsible for ensuring existing customers get maximum insights on RightData's software and product offerings. Suresh will support the go-to-market team with all the technical, business value collateral to position RightData products as industry leading solution offering. In his role, Suresh will play a key role in enabling pre and post-sales activities with go-to-market oversight and strategy.

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RightData, the Data Products Company, is a trusted provider of data product software solutions for modern data integration and trusted data quality. The company's software platform offers a unique combination of data integration, data quality, and data observability, all with an integrated data catalog. With a commitment to no-code software, RightData increases speed to market and provides significant cost savings to its customers. For more information, please visit

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