Prepare data pipelines without code and without extra tools

DataFactory is everything you need for data  integration  and  building efficient data pipelines — without hiring specialists, without learning arcane procedures, and without writing code.

Complete Pipeline Orchestration

  • Perform all ETL, ELT, and lake house operations visually 

  • Schedule pipeline operations & receive notifications and alerts 

Build Pipelines

  • Palette of data transformations you can drag to a pipeline canvas

  • Build pipelines that would take hours in code in minutes

Click into Details

  • Click on any pipeline node to see the details of the transformation.

  • Adjust parameters with built-in controls or directly using SQL.

ML Transformations

  • Perform operations easily using drag-and-drop transformations.

  • Add ML functions like segmentation and categorization without code 

Hundreds of connectors

  • On-premise or cloud data 

  • Batch or streaming data 

RightData has been the right partner for our data reconciliation and test automation needs.”

Thomas O

Vice President Database Engineering

What can you do
with DataFactory?  

On-going data management 

Add machine learning to your data 

Migrate data to the cloud easily

Wrangle data with Rightdata

Built to create and deliver trusted data products

Faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Ingest data, cleanse, prepare, wrangle, verify, and catalog data products all without writing a line of code.