Have  100%  trust  in  your  data

DataTrust is built to improve data quality, reliability and completeness of the data sets because if you can’t trust your data, what’s the point? It’s everything you need for data observability, data validation, and data reconciliation at massive scale, code-free, and easy to use. 

Perform Field-by-Field Data Reconciliation 

  • Reconciling data across multiple sources

  • Reconciling a single data source

Generate Business Rules with Machine Learning

  • Rapid generation of business rules using ML

  • Flexibility to accept, modify, or discard rules as needed

Compare Count and Data in Multiple Tables

  • Compare row counts at the schema level for multiple tables

  • Perform checksum data comparisons for multiple tables

Bulk Data Validation

  • Optimized validation of data for multiple tables

  • Source compute used, no need for ingestion

Executive Reports

  • Interactive executive reports with quality dimension insights

  • Personalized drill-down reports with filters

RightData has been the right partner for our data reconciliation and test automation needs.”

Thomas O

Vice President Database Engineering
Built to create and deliver trusted data products

Faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Ingest data, cleanse, prepare, wrangle, verify, and catalog data products all without writing a line of code.