Do you trust your data?
AI starts with reliable,trusted data.

RightData is data quality, data governance, and a next-gen data products catalog all in one.
Here's how businesses are using RightData to drive results.

Migrate on-premises data to the cloud 

  • Migrate from hundreds of sources like Hadoop, Infor, and SAP 

  • Connectors included - nothing extra to buy 

  • Get audit reports to ensure data moved accurately 

Easily manage your data pipelines

  • Perform ETL/ELT, batch & streaming 

  • Real-time replication, transformation, cleansing, wrangling 

  • Orchestration of data pipelines 

  • Integrated ML models 

  • Data profiling, ETL testing, data integrity audits, anomaly detection 

Wrangle & prepare data in hours, not months

  • Cut the time to build data pipelines through a no-code interface 

  • Accelerate testing with ML anomaly detection 

  • Improve validation with ML business rule generation 

Get EVERYONE in the business using data

  • Find corporate data via natural language search 

  • See details like reviews, ratings, quality, & metadata 

  • Get instant access to data and govern data use 

  • Use APIs, connectors, or AI visualizations 

Built to create and deliver trusted data products

Faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Ingest data, cleanse, prepare, wrangle, verify, and catalog data products all without writing a line of code.