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Automated Data Testing Integrated Into CI/CD Framework (AF Group)

December 21, 2022
Automated Data Testing Integrated Into CI/CD Framework (AF Group)

The Need

AF Group, the largest non-governmental specialty writer of workers compensation insurance in the U.S, processes data from each of their seven insurance brands. AF Group was manually testing data pipelines and data warehouses taking considerable time and effort to execute data quality assurance and validation. As AF Group transitioned to an agile DevOps model, they needed a solution that could integrate into their CI/CD framework.

The Solution

RDt is a self-service software that helps you achieve Data Quality Assurance, Data Integrity Audit and Continuous Data Quality Control with automated validation and reconciliation. RDt provided a single tool option for AF Group’s multiple data comparisons and data auditing.

The RDt data integrity controls satisfied internal audit and provided checks for data quality across the warehouse. AF Group leveraged the RDt platform to unify data quality across the enterprise with an automated process.


Manual testing for data pipelines, Data Warehouses, or Business Intelligence is slow and tedious – data defects and errors are predominant in the system impacting the production systems, as well as the scale and agility of product delivery. RDt saves time, money and ensures confidence all the way to reporting that the data has a high data quality quotient.

The RightData Edge

AF Group provided continuous feedback on the use of the RDt platform and RightData responded with product explanations and changes to make the combination of the process and product one solution. In short, RightData listened to improve client satisfaction and ensure higher data quality. AF Group explains further:

“Right from the initial stages of product evaluation to contracting and implementation, RightData has been very professional and always ready to make time. The RightData team partnered with our data analysts and testers, to understand our context and helped us implement and utilize their product the best way possible. Besides, they were eager to enhance their product with new features as new demands came through. We are delighted with RightData’s product and service”

Learn more about RDt

RDt is a comprehensive platform for data quality, risk, or compliance needs. Learn more or contact us to chat about your needs.

RDT Data Quality: A no-code data quality suite that improves data quality, reliability, consistency, and completeness of data. Data quality is a complex journey where metrics and reporting validate their work using powerful features such as:

Database Analyzer: Using Query Builder and Data Profiling, stakeholders analyze the data before using corresponding datasets in the validation and reconciliation scenarios.

Data Reconciliation: Comparing Row Counts. Compares number of rows between source and target dataset pairs and identifies tables for the row count not matching.

Data Validation: Rules based engine provides an easy interface to create validation scenarios to define validation rules against target data sets and capture exceptions.

Connectors For All Type of Data Sources: Over 150+ connectors for databases, applications, events, flat file data sources, cloud platforms, SAP sources, REST APIs, and social media platforms.

Data Quality: Ongoing discover that requires a quality-oriented culture to improve the data and commit to continuous process improvement.

Database Profiling: Digging deep into the data source to understand the content and the structure.

Data Reconciliation: An automated data reconciliation and the validation process that checks for completeness and accuracy of your data.

Data Health Reporting: Using dashboards against metrics and business rules, a process where the health and accuracy of your data is measured, usually with specific visualization.