pRODUCT DataMarket

The Next-Gen Data Products Catalog

Find, access, and take action on your data. Make it easy for your users to find the data they need with a user-friendly, AI-powered gallery of all your business's available data.

pRODUCT DataMarket

Your gateway to
analytics-ready data products.

Designed to democratize data access within your organization, offering a seamless online shopping experience for exploring, finding, evaluating, and taking action on data assets distributed across the enterprise.

Data Products Marketplace

An online shopping experience that makes your data products easily findable and actionable by data consumers. Findability is enhanced as data products are organized by domains, tagged, and classified.  Actionability is simplified as consumers are able to use existing BI and analytic tools or they can interact with the data using NLP.

Data Governance

Make it easy to control access to data across the organization. Set permissions by role for access to data products and easily grant access to data product requests. Mask PII data with automated data synthesis to users can still see data without revealing confidential information. And, easily revoke data product access if needed.

Data Products Catalog

Enrich your Data Intelligence by diving  into data product specifications, including ownership, sensitivity, metadata, quality metrics, lineage, and consumption options.

Conversational Analytics​

Harness the power of Albus AI, RightData's data co-pilot, on subscribed data products delivers conversational, chat-style interactive analytics in natural language.

Data Quality Insights​

Gain insights into data quality through overall quality score, detailed metrics, data domain format adherence, duplicate records, null values, zeros, and unique values etc.

Flexible Access Methods

Seamlessly access data via REST API or JDBC connections, with comprehensive documentation and testing capabilities.

Data Preview​

Preview sample data to understand the structure and content of the datasets before subscribing. Show only synthetic data for sensitive data products.

Data Virtualization​

Enable access to data without the need to physically lift-and-shift storing it in to one place. Create a unified view of disparate data sources, such as databases, applications, and cloud services, allowing users to query and analyze data in real-time without needing to know its location or structure.

Architectural Overview

Any data, anywhere. RightData DataMarket can work with data products created inside RightData or created elsewhere. Whether the data is cached or streaming, structured or unstructured, DataMarket can use that data as the basis for your data products.

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Web Apps





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structured & unstructured DATA PRODUCTS CATALOG

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Unstructured Data Platforms
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cLOUD data

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Transactional Apps

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SaaS Apps

What Can You Do with DataMarket? 

DataMarket empowers users across your organization to:

Search for Data Products

Explore a wide range of data products across domains, formats, and sources.

Evaluate Data Quality

Assess data quality metrics and lineage information to make informed decisions.

Access Data

Seamlessly request access to desired data products with automated approval workflows using federated governance model

Analyze Data

Leverage Albus AI for interactive analytics and derive actionable insights from the data.

Virtualize Data

Regardless of where data is coming from...

Collaborate Efficiently

Work with others to build and analyze data regardless of the data source or type.


Matrix of Features

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Rightdata datamarket

Data Catalog

Technical Metadata

Business Glossary terms

Searchable Tags

Governance Policy

Contains Data Products

Governance Policy Enforcement

Direct Access to data

Governed access to data

data quality score

Talk to your data via nlp

Key Benefits

With DataMarket, unlock the full potential of your organization's data assets and drive innovation with confidence.

Efficient Data Discovery

Streamline the process of finding and evaluating analytics-ready data products.

Enhanced Data Governance

Ensure compliance and data integrity with comprehensive metadata and lineage information.

Accelerated Decision Making

Empower users with quick access to high-quality data for informed decision-making.

Improved Collaboration

Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams through centralized data access.

Scalable Analytics

Scale analytics initiatives with flexible access methods and interactive analytics capabilities.

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$940K saved annually by automating data quality across nine data sources.

14 FTEs saved through automation. 60% reduction in time needed to test data.