What Exactly IS RightData?

December 8, 2023
What Exactly IS RightData?

Did you know that 73% of available data is wasted and left unused? That’s a startling statistic, especially when you consider that the average company typically uses 15 data tools in their stack. With all these tools at their disposal, why are businesses still struggling to understand, find, and take action on their data?

For starters, the data tools available on the market today tend to be hyper-specialized to perform only one function, leading companies to cobble together a clunky ecosystem of disparate tools. Add in a lack of user-friendliness, and it becomes easier to see why so much of our data is trapped instead of being put to work.

This kind of environment is where data products shine. A data product takes data from multiple primary sources and brings it together to make data searchable, findable, accessible, and useable by an average business user. Crucially, they help transform distributed raw data into valuable information, knowledge, or actionable insights for users. Of course, there are many shades and kinds of data products out there—from software applications to online platforms—but the right data product will enable users to seamlessly produce analysis-ready data from raw data. We may be biased, but we consider RightData to be one of the best data product options available to companies today.

A comprehensive data product platform

More than just a tool, RightData is a full-fledged data product platform designed to take you from raw data chaos to actionable, business-ready insights. With RightData, you're not merely managing data; you're crafting valuable data products that can significantly impact your business. Designed to address companies’ biggest pain points, RightData can be broken down into three key products: DataFactory, DataTrust, and DataMarket.

DataFactory: Where data transformation begins

The journey from raw data to actionable insights begins with DataFactory, which provides everything you need for data integration and building efficient data pipelines. With DataFactory, the focus is on ingesting, transforming, and wrangling your data into a format that your business can actually use. Because it is equipped with hundreds of connectors, it’s a breeze to move data from any on-premises source to any cloud-based data warehouse or lake house. The best part? You can do all of this without writing a single line of code, thanks to its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Imagine cutting down the time you spend on data engineering tasks and focusing more on strategic initiatives. That's the power of DataFactory.

DataTrust: Ensuring Data Quality and Trust

Next, let's talk about DataTrust, designed to help companies ensure that their data is not just clean but trustworthy so they feel more comfortable putting it to use. It provides a complete suite of data observability, data validation, and data reconciliation tools that operate quickly and at massive scale. Plus, you’ll find continuous, automated data quality checks and alert notifications when issues are detected, as well as robust machine learning capabilities to speed up rule generation. But it's not just about the tech; it's about the confidence that comes with knowing your data is accurate and reliable. Johnson & Johnson, one of our valued customers, uses DataTrust across nine different projects and has reported an average annual savings of $960K[AM1] . What used to take weeks and a team of a dozen can now be executed in a day with just one or two people.

DataMarket: The Final Mile in Data Accessibility

Last but definitely not least, let's explore DataMarket, your ultimate destination for finding and accessing the data products you've created. Designed to make data democratization a reality, DataMarket features an "Amazon-style" interface where you can search for data products using natural language. You'll find all the details you need—quality scores, ratings, metadata, and more. Once you've found what you're looking for, you can take action via built-in APIs, JDBC connectors, or even use AI for data visualization. DataMarket is more than a catalog; it's a vibrant marketplace where data products are accessible and actionable.

The right data product brings you real results—real fast

RightData is not just about features; it's about delivering tangible results. Users have reported an average annual savings of over $5 million, a threefold increase in sources monitored, and the processing of over 10 billion records per day. Whether you're a Fortune 500 giant or a budding startup, RightData does it all: data ingestion, streaming, cleansing, transforming, analyzing, wrangling, and machine learning modeling. Designed to completely replace an ad-hoc assembly of disparate data point solutions, RightData is a single solution that enables users to easily build, deploy, and manage trusted data products. Want to learn more? Get a demo today!