Accelerate Your Journey to Databricks with Confidence

Accelerate your journey to Databricks with confidence by clearly defining your goals and investing in team training while leveraging expert guidance

Rethinking Data Governance

Unlock the full potential of Databricks with confidence

Seamless Databricks Migration with RightData’s DataTrust Solution Unlock the full potential of Databricks with confidence

Seamless Data Transfer
RightData’s DataTrust solution guarantees that your data assets are seamlessly and accurately transferred to Databricks.
Maximize Capabilities
Leverage advanced analytics to maximize Databricks' robust processing capabilities while maintaining data quality and security.
Overcome Challenges
Tackle significant challenges in maintaining data integrity, performance, and compatibility during the migration process.

How it works

Leverage RightData’s comprehensive approach for a smooth migration to Databricks

Pre-Migration Assessment
Evaluates your existing data systems and workflows to ensure compatibility with Databricks, setting the stage for a smooth transition
Data Integrity Checks
Utilizes advanced validation tools to verify data accuracy and consistency before, during, and after migration.
Performance Benchmarking
Ensures that the migrated data systems meet or exceed performance standards, leveraging Databricks’ optimization features.
Post-Migration Tuning
Adjusts and optimizes data structures and queries to fully exploit Databricks’ analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Architecture Diagram

Connect effortlessly to all your data sources – from SAP and Salesforce to data lakes. Experience the power of a unified data ecosystem with DataMarket.

Matrix of Features

Connect effortlessly to all your data sources – from SAP and Salesforceto data lakes. Experience the power of a unified data ecosystem with DataMarket.
Feature Category
Benefits for Databricks Migration
Data Profiling and Validation
  • Deep data profiling and validation before and after migration
  • Custom rule configuration for data validation
  • Validation against Databricks specific formats and standards
  • Ensures data accuracy and consistency pre and post-migration
  • Guarantees that data meets Databricks-specific requirements
Data Reconciliation
  • Comprehensive data reconciliation capabilities including row count, checksum, and detailed field-level comparisons
  • Reconciliation of transformed data to verify integrity
  • Verifies no data loss or transformation errors during migration
  • Ensures data accuracy and completeness in the Databricks environment
Performance Optimization
  • Analyze and optimize data workflows for Databricks
  • Recommendations for Databricks performance tuning based on validation results
  • Enhances processing efficiency in Databricks

  • Reduces costs and improves query and data handling performance
Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
  • Continuous monitoring of data migration processes
  • Real-time alerts on issues and automated problem resolution suggestions
  • Immediate identification and resolution of migration issues
  • Keeps the migration process on track and minimizes downtime
Automation & Integration
  • Automated validation workflows integrated with CI/CD pipelines 

  • Seamless integration with Databricks using APIs for continuous data validation
  • Streamlines migration processes, reducing manual efforts
  • Supports agile and DevOps practices in data operations
Regulatory Compliance and Integrity
  • Ensures data migration complies with industry standards and regulations 

  • Advanced security protocols for data validation and transfer
  • Maintains high standards of data integrity and compliance during migration to Databricks
  • Protects sensitive data throughout the migration process
No-Code/Low-Code Interface
  • User-friendly interface for setting up and managing data validation rules without extensive coding
  • Drag-and-drop tools for rapid configuration and deployment
  • Enables users of all technical levels to participate in the migration process
  • Accelerates the setup and iteration of data validation tasks

The team is thrilled we accomplished it so quickly and effectively.

Shoban Kumar,
J&J NA Application Testing Service Owner


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Why Datatrust?

Choose DataTrust for Data Driven Decisions

Comprehensive Validation Framework
Ensures every piece of data is accounted for, with integrity checks that validate the completeness and accuracy of your data in Databricks.
Streamlined Integration
Minimize downtime and accelerate deployment with tailored tools for Databricks, ensuring seamless transition and optimal performance
Enhanced Data Utilization
Optimizes your data’s potential in Databricks, ensuring all features and functionalities are fully leveraged for maximum ROI.
Provides access to migration experts who assist in every step of the process, ensuring a successful transition and immediate realization of benefits.