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Go from raw data to business-ready data fast with RightData’s integrated, no-code data observability & data engineering platform

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Berkshire Hathaway Inc
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Built to create and deliver trusted data products

Faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ever before.

Ingest data, cleanse, prepare, wrangle, verify, and catalog data products all without writing a line of code. 

Integrated. Modular.
Built for Data Products.

Platform Overview


Everything you need to create a business-ready data product without code, without extra tools, without waiting. 


Data observability, monitoring, verification, and reconciliation of the data so you’ll be confident when you click that “share” button. 


Build and deploy a catalog of all your data products with descriptions & details plus the ability to act in a click. 


RightData users
get results like:


Average Annual Savings

3 times

Increase in Sources



Whatever your data needs, we’re ready.

What's your goal?

Migrate all my on-premises data to the cloud 

RightData has the tools to move your data from any on-premises source to any cloud data warehouse or lake house easily and cost-effectively. 

  • Hundreds of connectors for nearly any data source like SAP, Salesforce, and even files

  • Migrate terabytes of data to the cloud quickly and easily

  • See migration audits to ensure accuracy


Ensure your data pipelines are accurate and trusted

Our DataTrust platform has the data observability and data quality capabilities you need to be sure your data is accurate. 

  • Continous, automated data quality with alerting & notifications when issues are found

  • Field-by-field reconciliations & bulk data validation

  • Apply powerful machine learning to make rule generation fast & easy


Make it easy to find — and
use — all your data 

RightData makes the promise of data democratization a reality. Use AI automation to build, govern, access, and even visualize data products. 

  • Find data products using natural language like on any online shopping site

  • See details like quality scores, ratings, metadata, and data included

  • Request/receive immediate access to data products

One platform, one mission:
Data Products. Integrated, modular, & code-free.

How Does it Work?

Used by everyone from the
Fortune 500 to small start-ups

Everything you need to create a business-ready data product without code, without extra tools, without waiting.

Data Modernization

  • Migrate data from on-premise systems like SQL Server, Hadoop, Infor, and SAP to cloud stores like Databricks and Snowflake with complete audit reporting

  • Perform automated data quality testing at all stages

On-Going Data Management

  • Perform ETL/ELT, batch & streaming

  • Real-time data replication, transformation, cleansing, wrangling, & orchestration

  • Integrated ML models

  • Data profiling, ETL testing, data integrity audits, anomaly detection

Speed Time to Value

  • Cut the time to build data pipelines through a no-code interface

  • Accelerate testing with ML anomaly detection

  • Improve validation with ML business rule generation

Data Democratization

  • Find data via natural language search

  • See details like reviews, ratings, quality, & metadata

  • Get instant access to data

  • Use APIs, connectors, or AI to perform data visualization


Clients Share Their
Transformative Experiences

Thomas O


We use our RightData instance for multiple uses such as Bulk Data Comparisons between a source and target database, Data Profiling, Testing Scenarios, and most importantly Data Integrity Controls. RightData provides a single tool option for many data comparison and data auditing requirements. The vendor is very responsive to our needs and has incorporated several suggestions into the RightData tool for extension and ease of use.

Ramesh B.

Quality Lead
"RightData for ETL based Data Migration"

1. Rightdata tool helps in building the data in the way we require using the QueryStudio feature and then lets us also validate them using the ScenarioStudio features

2. The validation reports gives an in-depth analysis of what went wrong along with the coloured visualisation for easy reporting and failure analysis

3. The tool was customised to suit our need to support file types like JSON, which was very useful for analysis

4. Querystudio has many inbuilt transformation features and scenario studio also has in-built validations which are just a drag and drop features

5. Above all, the support from RightData team was excellent

Richard W.

Information Technology Manager
"An excellent system that works the way I expect it to."

The user interface makes using the system so straight forward with drag and drop capabilities and everything working logically as one would expect. Rival software was seen to be far more complex while providing only the same capability or less.

Jesse R.

Financial Reporting Transformation Manager
"We use RightData as the basis for our Data Integrity SOX Control"

RightData is simple to use. You can easily build data connections across various source systems, design queries/query chains, reconciliations and configure batch job scheduling. It includes an email notification system and exception reporting that is used for our SOX Control evidence.

Krishna K.

"The right partner for data reconciliaiton and test automation"

RightData has been the right partner for our data reconciliation and test automation needs. Right from the initial stages of product evaluation to contracting and implementation, RightData has been very professional and always ready to make time. The RightData team partnered with our data analysts and testers, to understand our context and helped us implement and utilize their product the best way possible. Besides, they were eager to enhance their product with new features as new demands came through. We are delighted with RightData's product and service

Sandhya Bhadrachalam


Gives us valuable insights into our data with minimal effort.