Built for Data Products.
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RightData has everything you need to take raw data from any source and turn it into trusted, actionable, business-ready data.

DataFactory for Data Pipelines

  • Drag & Drop interface lets you build fast and tune results 

  • Hundreds of data connectors for any modern source

  • Complete pipeline orchestration, notifications, and interdependencies 

DataTrust for Quality & Observability

  • Homogeneous & heterogeneous dataset reconciliations 

  • Use machine learning to profile data at scale 

  • Rule-based validation and ML generation of rules 

DataMarket for Finding & Taking Action

  • Use natural language to find data products from any source – virtualized, streaming, batch 

  • Federate governance to business owners for rapid approval 

  • Take action with APIs, JDBC connectors, or in-app AI-powered data analysis