March 30, 2023

What We Learned From the Gartner Data Conference 2023

What We Learned From the Gartner Data Conference 2023

The battle over Data Mesh vs. Data Fabric. Gartner threw data mesh off the hype cycle with a bold move, as companies and attendees grappled with what it all meant for the future of Mesh vs. Fabric. (Helpful hint: these are frameworks, so watch the companies that actually architect the future as opposed to just “framing” it)

 Hot Topics: 

⦁ Data products were in full force for the move to greater management driven by exchanges and marketplace idea.  

⦁ Data Fabric is preferred Gartner glue for data infrastructure. 

⦁ Data Catalogs and metadata management coming on strong. 

⦁ Business value optimization and economic impact are becoming the new value for data ROI.

Rising Quickly

⦁ Data Observability: Melody Chien’s new order for data observability set the tone

⦁ Data Marketplace: watch this space! A decentralized revolution is going on. 

⦁ DataOps: New ideas of data management are moving for smart dataops. 

⦁ Data Trust: The deeper value of data quality was presented with the words, “Trust.”

What attendees were talking about

⦁ What the heck is the modern data stack and where do we start to modernize?

⦁ What’s all the fuss about Data Mesh vs. Data Fabric?

⦁ Does Machine Learning matter that much for day-to-day dataops?

⦁ Gartner’s speakers were excellent in both knowledge and thought leadership.

⦁ Where is data governance and its role with data quality… as it relates to systems?

What’s Gartner saying

Major emphasis on the economic value of data. While noteworthy (maybe) for business leaders, the themes struggle to unify deep technical and investment issues facing the data industry today. This is one perspective – encourage you to check out what they are saying directly.  

Gartner Takeaways (their view)

⦁ Lead for purpose, make an impact

⦁ Embrace new economics

⦁ Attract talent and skills

⦁ Dispel the myths of AI

⦁ Understand data ecosystems

⦁ Optimize intelligent decisions with competitive differentiators

⦁ Deliver digital business success

About RightData

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