Data Migration Testing

It is a quite common phenomena that IT organizations in the companies keep upgrading their systems and keep migrating to an altogether different technologies to meet ever changing and challenging needs of businesses. Whether it is a Data Migration effort or system upgrade effort, Data Testing plays vital part in the success criteria of the migration or upgrade efforts.
Proper Data Testing processes needs to be established during any of these operations
  • Database migration from one technology to a different technology within On-Premise [Ex: SQL Server to Oracle]
  • Database migration from one technology On-Premise to a same or different technology on the Cloud. [Ex: On-Premise SAP    Hana DB to Azure SQL MI]
  • Database Upgrade [Ex: Oracle 11x to Oracle 12x]
RightData offers complete set of tools to support Data Testing initiatives to improve the Data Quality during these efforts. “Technical Data Reconciliation (TDR)” and “Functional Data Reconciliation (FDR)” aspects of the tool can help the IT teams / QA teams to test the data by taking the snapshots before and after the migration/upgrade takes place. FDR gives the flexibility to build the scenarios within RightData to test the data based on the functionality of the application. For example, On-Hand inventory details, Open Orders, GL Balances by fiscal periods etc … can be tested thoroughly by doing cell to cell comparison for each and every record between the systems. TDR helps in comparing bulk datasets during migration and database upgrade. The hash algorithm is implemented to do the sanity checks on the key attributes of the data sets in bulk mode. Like number of the tables, record count from each table, metadata comparison etc… These test cases / processes can be automated, scheduled to run repeatedly based on the requirement and can be saved for future migration efforts.
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