RightData To Sponsor and Speak at TDWI Orlando

November 2, 2023
RightData To Sponsor and Speak at TDWI Orlando

ATLANTA, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- RightData, the Data Products Company and leading provider of data product software solutions for modern data integration and trusted data quality, today announced its Emerald sponsorship at TDWI Orlando Conference & Executive Summit in Orlando, Florida from November 5–10, 2023. RightData's CEO and Co-Founder, Vasu Sattenapalli will also serve as a speaker.

RightData will be participating in the following talks:

- Tackling Data Management in the Era of AI - Vasu Sattenapalli, CEO at RightData will serve on a panel. AI is upon us, and organizations are striving to better compete using analytics such as machine learning. In TDWI research, demand for machine learning is still strong. Given this, how do organizations ensure that its data management and governance strategies are ready? Catch this session on Tuesday, November 7th from 9:45am-10:30am ET in Oceans Ballroom 6.

- The Future of Data: Using Generative AI to Power the Modern Data Stack - Vasu Sattenapalli will also be offering a demo theater presentation. The days of manually preparing data, creating business rules to ensure quality, and struggling to find and use data are rapidly fading into the rear-view mirror. During this session, attendees will learn how generative AI is revolutionizing every part of the data stack. This session will be on Wednesday, Nov 8th from 1:25-1:40pm ET in Oceans Ballroom 8.

Vasu Sattenapalli, RightData's CEO said, "Generative AI is clearly a powerful technology that is here to stay, but not every organization can snap their fingers and deploy such advanced technologies. My talk at TDWI will be focused on Generative AI for the modern data stack with actionable steps for implementation and getting business value. I hope to see attendees there!"

For over 25 years, TDWI has provided individuals and teams with a comprehensive portfolio of business and technical education and research about all things data. Attendees of TDWI Orlando will learn what it takes to develop an insight-driven organization that leverages analytics to enable faster, smarter business decisions, how to design effective data architectures that support a democratized and rapidly evolving analytics landscape, and keys to creating an effective data strategy to support analytics, focus on key success factors, and implement best practices in data management.

If you will be on-site at TDWI Orlando, you can find RightData at Booth #206.

For more information on RightData's view on next-generation Data Catalogs, visit their webinar.

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RightData, the Data Products Company, is a trusted provider of data product software solutions for modern data integration and trusted data quality. The company's software platform offers a uniquecombination of data integration, data quality, and data observability, all with an integrated data catalog. With a commitment to no-code software, RightData increases speed to market and provides significantcost savings to its customers. For more information, please visit

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