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Data Pipeline Orchestration
In IT Enterprises, journey of data is long and goes thru complex processing before it becomes an information asset. This journey starts from several sources and several types of sources and gets ingested, integrated, transformed, processed, and stored in data warehousing solutions, delta lakes where Data Wrangling and ML Predictive Modelling takes place and finally lands in the target data platform and becomes available for downstream applications and for end users to run Analytics on. Though it may sound simple, at every stage data gets processed based on the complex business rules. It is imperative to have visibility on how data pipelines are helping the data engineering activity in IT operations to get reliable and trustworthy data on timely basis. Data volumes are growing tremendously and importance of real-time availability of data for analytics is also growing. To make this entire process run in automated fashion, a stable Orchestration Mechanism is needed. Orchestration helps in capturing on-going changes or inserts happen in the source systems in a streamlined process.
Expectations from Orchestration
For every project that IT office handles to cater the needs of business teams, data engineering team builds numerous complex pipelines. The right Orchestration tool should be able to -
  • Schedule the pipelines to run at desired frequency without any interruption
  • Give flexibility to data engineers to maintain the dependencies properly
  • Send alerts and notifications to the corresponding teams in case of success or failure of a pipeline run
  • Help the engineering teams with a good self-explanatory interface to design the orchestration, so that efficient scheduling of jobs can be achieved faster and quicker
  • Give the option to pause/resume of currently running pipelines for planned system maintenance or for any other unplanned events may happen
How Dextrus Can Help?
Dextrus is a comprehensive data platform with several built-in solutions to cater all the activities in data engineering process. Job Scheduler is one of the components that can be leveraged to orchestrate the data movement from the source to the target platforms with a user-friendly interface and can help you achieve the objective with simple drag and drop functionality.
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