Data reconciliations is a vital control function for adherence to compliance processes, auditability and to improving the efficiency of effectiveness of the financial processes like the “Closing of the Books” or “Financial Plan & Forecast Cycle”.

A big part of the window for the “Closing of the Books”, financial consolidation, and “Plan & Forecast” processes is typically taken by data reconciliation and validation.

Typically, SAP clients use manual data reconciliation approach or build the expensive, high maintenance custom developed reconciliation processes to ensure the financial actuals data in reporting system matching with systems of record (SAP ECC or Legacy).

Using RightData™, SAP Clients can configure financial data reconciliation and validation scenario to reconcile data within data layer of SAP BW, Between SAP BW and BPC, Between SAP BPC and SAP ECC, SAP BW and SAP ECC between any SAP Platform and non-SAP Platform. No custom development or programming needed.

The Reconciliation scenarios configured in lower environments can be used for automating regression, integration, and user acceptance testing. A selective set of reconciliation scenarios can be integrated part of the batch process for continued data testing in production.