HANA Migration - Need for Data Testing

It is evident that data testing takes up a significant portion of cost and time for any types of HANA Transformation Approaches. Whether it’s greenfield implementation or in-place upgrade; technical and functional data testing plays a vital role in pre and post-migration process.

An automated data testing mechanism ensures to bring down the cost of testing, improves the consistency of migration testing results, help reduce the downtime and keeps the project timelines in control.

Rightdata’s Solution

RightData™ helps accelerate the data migration testing of SAP HANA transformation by automating before-after technical and functional data testing.

With the automated data testing capability, RightData™ improves the efficiency of technical and functional data testing and reduces cost migration testing by a minimum of 200%. As the process is automated, penetration and coverage of testing can be increased to as high as 100%, thereby eliminating the risk of releasing the system to the users and uncovering data integrity and constancy issues post the migration.