RightData 2018 version 1.9.2 Release Notes

Data source transformation

We now have transformations like filter, aggregation and projection available as indivudual objects. The earlier transformation is now renamed to Complex Projection.

Scenario execution monitor

You can now monitor the progress of a scenario execution in the designer page. You can also view the results of past executions from execution history in scenario designer page.

Current activity widget in the Cockpit

A new widget 'Current Activity' is added in the cockpit. This gives a view of live counts of currently executing scenarios.

Support for new data source

RightData now supports Tableau as a data source.

Displaying latest status of every scenario

In reporting, a new tab is added 'Scenario Output'. This displays the latest output of all

Validation rules

Users can now define their own special char rule on a column by choosing to include/exclude digits/alphabet/space. This is in addition to being able to mention other special chars in the text field. Complex rule check in validation - A more complex rule definition with AND/OR conditions.

Data Analytics

Data profiling feature in Query Builder and Query Session Monitor. Classification of Exceptions in Exceptions Summary - Dimensions are classified into "Minor","Major","Substantial","Complete" and for Metrics, a histogram of exceptions.

Batch Schedule

More number of configuration options while scheduling a job.

New data source support

Added support for a new data source - Pivotal GemFire.


For REST API data sources, if user knows metadata information, user can directly define the metadata without having to get JSON.

Integration with third party tools:

Added integration with XRAY tool.

Data ingest

Interface for user to cofigure parallelism for fetching data in packets during ingest process. Also configure number of records per each packet.


Limiting opening of a scenario in edit mode to one user. Chat facility to allows other users to communicate with the user in charge of the scenario. Now, exceptions data will also include the columns that are not part of mapping. Bug fixes in reporting filters. Overall scenario run performance enhancement.